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I SPY Mystery game: Download and Play

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It’s time to put your awesome detective skills to the test! Play I SPY with fascinating mysteries that need your super-sleuth skills. Choose a case file, and then earn mystery clues by solving I SPY riddles and searching for carefully concealed objects. Gather clues and solve the cases of Knight Fall, Midnight Mouse, Missing Art and many other mysteries. Dive into this game and solve an I SPY Mystery!

I SPY Mystery features:
  • Multiple Sound options
  • Adjustable Screen settings
  • Solve an I SPY Mystery!
I SPY Mystery screenshots. Click a screenshot to enlarge:
I SPY Mystery screenshot
I SPY Mystery screenshot
I SPY Mystery screenshot

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I SPY Mystery is 100% safe to download. You can download I SPY Mystery for free and try it for 60 minutes to decide whether you like it or not. If you like it, you can purchase I SPY Mystery instantly and securely online.

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Posted on Dec 3, 2018    
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Posted on Nov 7, 2018    
Segway Verona Tour propone un modo originale per visitare la storica citta sull'Adige.
Il Segway e un veicolo elettrico, auto-bilanciante di facile utilizzo, ideale per famiglie,
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senza fatica e con l'accompagnamento di guide esperte.

Il tour ha una durata di 2 ore e percorre il seguente itinerario:

Portoni della Bra
Verona Arena
Arco dei Gavi
Porta Borsari
Corso Porta Borsari
Piazza delle Erbe
Palazzo della Ragione
Piazza dei Signori
Arche Scaligere
Chiesa Santa Anastasia
Cattedrale Santa Maria Matricolare
Ponte Pietra
Casa di Giulietta

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